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  1. Are there any old Worldco traders on this forum? Anybody still trading that you know of? Are any of the big traders running groups or what have you still?

    Just curious.
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    Did you trade at Worldco? I was at Worldco for two years (2000-2002).
  3. There are a bunch of the old WorldCo traders scattered all over. I met a bunch of them at Assent and Dimensions and they all started their own LLC within other LLCs.

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    There are thousands of WLDC traders out there. A little more then a bunch. :)
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    how many traders did worldco have in their hay-day??

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    I think we peaked at around 850 or so. But we had thousands that went through the revolving door.
  7. You know.. from what I've seen so far in my contacts with former WorldCo traders, none of them are really that good or consistant. Most of them seem to be basket traders so they take up huge volume of a bunch of stocks and sit and pray it goes their way. More then half the time half their positions are green and half their positions are red. The firm loves this cuz they're getting great volume and commission over rides from them. Is this how they teach traders to trade back then at WorldCo?
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    You can't make a generalization about thousands of traders because of a "few" you met. The bottom line is 90% of the guys at Worldco did not take home checks. This is true for most prop firms. So statistically speaking unless you know at least 10 former Worldco traders, there is a very good chance that not one of them took home a check. The guys I knew there were some of the best traders I have ever met.

    Worldco traded primarily listed stocks and most of them were tape readers. That's not to say we didn't have every other type of trader there, because we did. But the best guys were the tape readers and they had a legitimate edge.
  9. Hey Mav, I'm happy to hear that the "boys" were tape readers, we all should be, dontcha think? And, FWIW, trading is very personal business...it's not fair to judge a person by the firm they were withl (or as circumstances unfolded)....Walter had some great guys there, some of whom are with us, as you know.

    BTW, (from another post)...I'm looking for all in, sub .002 rates, with "virtually unlimited buying power"...can you help me out? I know that you say you will match "substantiated" rates....have you ever seen something like that from a real firm? I haven't.

    You missed a great weekend in the lovely Nevada resort town of Mesquite...next stop will be the East Coast, maybe you can join us.

    And, just when I thought some reality was setting in here on ET...I shoulda known better, LOL.

    Have a good one,

  10. This is starting to turn into one of those reality TV show catfights... hehe. Come on girls, stop scratching at each other and retract those claws and get together and sing some kum-by-ah (or gumbayah)... or however the heck you spell that.
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