Old White man vs two morons

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. achilles28


    The old guy is only half right. Ironically, it's his generation - the Boomers- who bear the ultimate responsibility for the decline of Western civilization.

    Think about what transpired under the Boomers "guarded" watch:

    Open-door immigration from third-world shit holes.

    The middle-class exported to Chindia

    Insane deficit spending

    Dollar destruction

    Multi-generational bubbles and bailouts

    Cradle-to-grave socialism

    Formation of the national security state and widespread destruction of civil liberties

    Collectively, most of you old fuckers signed our death warrants. You heaped generous portions of largess on your plate then turned away while the gangsters in DC brought-in miscreants by the trainload and raped the Treasury blind. Minding the store? Nobody gave a fuck. Even worse, most of you VOTED FOR IT!!! Now, we're in a real mess. Not only are third-world'ers swelling our ranks, but their bastardized culture of fatalist victimology has infected our younger minds. Shouldn't be too long before the entire "civilized" world descends into anarchy on the account of the impending debt/employment collapse - the "underclass", those who celebrate violence and hold nothing but contempt for the upright - illegals, blacks, white trash etc - will take to the streets and set the entire country ablaze. Just like the UK.

    Thanks, guys. You really fucked us.

    When the plug is pulled on this economy, think LA riots nation-wide.