Old Tony Oz Scans?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jeffo, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. TonyOz


    Either that or the change for the day from high low or close. I am not 100% sure.
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  2. Tony Mase

    Tony Mase


    I have a call into BigEasy. Hopefully, they will know. I very much appreciate your help.

    Thank you again!

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  3. Tony Mase

    Tony Mase

    I think I have figured out most of Tony's older scans for the new version of BigEasy. I have attached a text file with the formulas for each of those scans. These scans are not formatted to be imported into BigEasy, so to be used with BigEasy, they must be entered in manually.

    I am not sure how difficult it would be to convert these formulas for use with other scanning programs. Maybe others with more experience with those programs can help.

    Please note that three of the scans (Consolidation, 3 Higher Days, and 3 Lower Days) are each missing one item that I could not figure out.

    Should anyone know what "vol_ave3" or "hl" means in the older version of BigEasy, I would appreciate hearing from you. I do have a call into BigEasy, but based on my initial call to them, it doesn't sound too promising. When I find out what those terms mean, I will post an updated file here.

    I hope this helps.

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  4. Jeffo


    Thanks Tony M for the real language descriptions. That's what I was looking for. Here is the Tony Oz Long Swing 1 for TC2000. You may want to separate the closing price and volume requirements to suit your needs. If anyone sees anything that's incorrect please let me know. The results were decent. Tony Oz, is there anything you would do different now with this scan?

    C > 10 AND (C <= (C1 * 1.07)) AND (C > (O + .625)) AND C >= (.82 * (H - L)) AND (V > 1.5 * AVGV20) AND (AVGV20.1 >= 2500) AND (RSI14.1 < 90)

    Tony Oz Long Swing 1

    1. Average Volume 1 Month is greater than 250000
    2. Exchange is equal to NASDAQ
    3. Closing Price is greater than 10
    4. Volume of Today is greater than 150% of Average Volume 1 Month
    5. 1 Day Price Change $ is greater than 0.625
    6. Close from Low is greater than 82% of Day's Range
    7. Opening Price is less than 107% of Prev Day Close
    8. Relative Strength is less than 90

    P.S. I left out #2. I'm not predjudice. :)

    I may or may not do more of them.
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  5. jeffo, please do more, thank you.
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