Old Timer Looking to Reenter the Markets

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Flash2007, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Recently made the decision to reenter the markets. Been passively trading, working with friend who is active with index futures trading. My experience is prop trading firm capital, held Series 7, 63 for ten years but no longer active. I have the credentials ... the right school, the right degree, etc ...

    I know the fundamentals, but acknowledge changes in the industry.

    I am approaching this like a newcomer. I know that past performance is no guarantee for future results, but I am confident. I wasn't a millionaire but I was one of the minority of profitable guys at my firms. Made money with some well known firms in the past.

    I am in NYC. Just want to get a pulse of the industry. I see remote firms, futures firms, FOREX, some training class based firms, some quant firms, a few discretionary firms out there.

    One thing I am pretty solid on ... Prop Trading. Firm Capital. Nothing against firms that require deposits, just my experience. Also not scalping. Not my style.

    Any feedback would be appreciated