Old Taleb Note , very funny.

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  1. Posted At : August 16, 2007 1:53 PM | Posted By : Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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    Too many emails as if I didn't know that I was right

    I am at the Edinburgh literary festival and the last thing I care about is you finance people.

    I've been swamped by emails telling me that I was right (forwarding stories about "25 sigmas" by the Goldman Sachs CEO --who needs to be replaced or banned from speaking to the press -- or the Rothman guy in the wsj on 1 in 10,000 year events).

    I don't understand these emails. It is as if I didn't know that I was right. Tell me what I don't know.
  2. Is that really his email response? Or is this a hoax?
  3. The email is for real. Taleb doesn't need to be told he is right.