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  1. i have a stock certificate (grandmother had and got from who knows where) that is for 4,000 shares @ $5. this is from around 1905

    Company name was: Warrior Gold Company

    I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of this company?
  2. wow...that is SO COOL!

    thx for putting it up, dude

    (no, i have no idea what you should do with it, but it's very cool to look at)

    maybe it should be in a museum??
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    I had recently sent for my WCOM and CMGI stock certificates thinking they would look something like that and I figured I'd frame them, since they're almost worthless, to have something to remember the "good old days" :D I remember my Dad's Standard Oil and Kodak certificates. But unfortunately it turns out that stock certificates are really rather bland, small, and common these days. Oh, well.
    PS. CMGI did go up about 35% today. :)
  4. http://www.library.unr.edu/specoll/mss/85-01.html

    The U of Nevada has documents once belonging to a VINCENT P. GIANELLA, geologist, among which are:

    6/62 Warren, S. Power. Reports on the Simon Silver Lead Mines, Inc. (1937); Warrior Gold Mining Company (1931); and Lucky Boy Mining Claims (1922).

    I got a lot of web hits on 'mining' and 'warrior'. It seems that mining companies like to use 'warrior' alot the same way insurance companies like to use 'continental'. That would indicate that a company named warrior had a big rep in the past.

    $20,000 in 1905 is now worth just under a half million.
    If those shares still represent some kind of partial ownership in a firm that still exists in some form today, you could be sitting on top of a very nice little trading account. But I would have to guess the company probably became defunct in the 30's depression, or could even have been a bogus company, given the 1929 bubble.

    Hey Dan, I hope you're not setting us all up for a Fondue Sets For Namibia scam?
  5. hey thanks for that link, i had done a few searches for "warrior gold mining company" but came up with zero leads. That's the first time i've seen the name of the company on a document other than the certificate...

    If you look closely on the certificate it is certified to a
    mr. Wm. Manion then if you look in the lower right hand corner the president is William Manion (apparently the same person).

    If nothing else the certificate is very interesting to me, ....

    also, from the certificate date and the date given in that link, it looks like the company may have existed for close to 30 years...not sure what that might mean.

    and i haven't heard of a fondu/nambia pot scam...but if you would like to help the poor you can sent me your bank account name and number to...:D
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    I hate to admit it, but I was once a retail stockbrocker. We got calls about old stock certificates regularly.

    If you contact a Merrill Lynch-type brokerage (what used to be called a full-service brokerage, now more like over-priced-for-the same-or-less-service-brokerage), they usually have a defunct stock research service.

    In the old days (what my kids call anytime before they were born), it didn't cost anything. Just ask any retail broker, who will put the request in, hoping to get your account. Believe me, they like to talk to people who don't hang up on them.

    Good luck.