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  1. Who's still around in ET from the old days where Omega List and Chuck Le Beau's Traders Club was running actively?

    I still remember Alan Crary asking questions to Mark Brown and Mark Johnson. Reminds me how Eckhardt would hop in debating with a bunch of kids. Anyone remember when some odd Russian guy was trying to automate(Macro) SOES to make the Ultimo-SOES Bandit? Remember the Odd Lot Bandit? INTC/NVDA lag manipulation?

    Looking back, I was still in my mid-teens when I started reading posts by the old school gurus stuggling with TradeStation 3.0 coding custom RSI/Moving Average/Stochatics model.... And now... I'm a Senior trader in a retail hated institution as a Senior Trader...

    All the holiday spirit, egg nog, alkyhawl, Holiday cards(E-cards) from old friends makes me melancholic and reminiscent about my (still stuggling but relatively less) struggling days...

    Happy Holidays to ET and to all my Internet Trading Buddies!!!!

    ET has done me a lot of good. No doubt about dat!!!!


    *I have alcohol in my system... and in vacation. Forgive me!!!!*
  2. Wood yew be so kind as to tell an auld man your currant age? Then I can apepropriately reaplie to your post.
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    There are no real system developers on Elite left, except GannGalt with his alcohol-fermented mind :D
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    TSGannGalt, you still a young kid.

    Don't forget Club 3000, lotus 123 for spreadsheet analysis, Kent Calhoun and his rants, the trading world on edge when Prechter spoke, FNN, when the Futures floor was king, 700 traders in S&P pit-now it is like dead. Paper charting, like 10 books at all on the markets when I started, all based on chart patterns or fundamentals. Using a mainframe to do so simple indicators and testing on daily bars, ROFL.

    The System Writer, WOW, just an incredible piece of software, then Supercharts to Tradestation, staying up late into the night coding. Wow, the time is saved. Getting with other traders on doing work arounds on Tradestation.

    Happy Holidays to all as well,
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  5. You really hit some of the highlights. I remember what crap TradeStation1 was and how great TradeStation 4 was. Then the absolute disaster of TS2000i.

    Sat data services were cutting edge. You had to keep your own database for backtesting.

    Who was that guy that ran a charting company and put on those big conferences where all the people you had heard about in Stocks and Commodities mag showed up and gave talks? I still have some of those cassettes.
  6. Now that you guys mentioned Omega and TS2000i it amazes me how a company that produced a most crappy piece of software 20 years ago, called system writer plus, then produced the crappiest of all TS2000i and sold it to moron traders without even testing it. I recall someone published parts of a study where two backtesters were missing something like 20% of signals and some said one of those crappy programs was TS2000i. I am looking for a link to that analysis if someone has it or knows the author I would appreciate it. What amazes me even more is how that company with the crappy product emerged into a broker and got its shares listed. This is a great marketing lesson. Sell a crappy product, create a base of moron customers who probably lost fortunes using your product and then sell them shares. Then when you get their money, find a couple of real programmers in Russia and get a real system to them with their money. This is America.

    happy holidays
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    Before all that there was CompuTrac on the Apple ][ with Tim Slater's cassettes as documentation.
  8. Don't forget that before System Writer the Cruz brothers sold worthless trading systems that all lost money from day one. There was TEM Live Cattle, followed by TEM T-Bonds and TEM SP500. Supposedly based on "cycles," if I remember correctly.

    The way they have made a success out of failure after failure continues to amaze me also.
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    tradestation and moving averages, rsi are the shitt.
    only supersophisticated statarb on 5,000 options using Apama or scalping on TT can make money.

    if you cannot afford $200k a year on software - you are not serious developer. every hedge fund or bank boss will tell you so...

  10. lol...........

    Wait until they are old enough for some perspective......
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