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  1. ET hell to, gone. Not seen chart not long time. Merchant fix. Chart is mean for dolt trade fund. Small cap fund. For small mind. Truth of moment arrive PRSVX. Is in Hershey carnal. Not look good PRSVX. Very sneaky. First break up carnal. Threat break down carnal. Very Hershey.
  2. Typical ET. 82 read post. One-ly 38 look at cahrt. Half have wit? Other half half-wit? Can not stand under cahrt if not look at cahrt. One response. Is ass smart. No one hold PRSEX? No one know how read cahrt? Is brilliant? Is idiot? Is irreverant? None dispute? None care? Merchant care. Merchant have much moneys at fund. Tomorrow, fund down break trend up line. Next day worse. Trade is simple. Trader also.
  3. Merchant have position. Wife like name. See cahrt. See Hershey carnal. High and tight good in woman. Merchant think not good in fund. What you do, you own VIVIX?
  4. traderob


  5. Wife say bondage return blow hot! Merchant say loss principal suck. You decide. Look at cahrt. Eliot not just great poet. He great trader. See Eliot wave of VBTIX. It wave "Bye-bye"!
  6. Merchant want bad draw new Hershey carnal. But not know how. Do you? Merchant have time ponder. Made todayly bread 188 seconds trade 9:31, ET. Market may close now, thanking. NDX look like diver on board too high. Choice is jump or climb down. Hershey not tell this case. Stressing case test method best worst.
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  7. ndx is nuts, not sure if i'd trust the last 2 week's price action though
  8. Of curse. NDX mean Nutty Index. Ten stock make 30 procent NDX. MSFT go up, rich employee drink more SBUX, NDX go up. Cross content frequent make NDX RUT SPX. NDX rule! Smart money play ES, idiot like Merchant trade NQ! Fertile ground test Hershey theory. Hershey no work ES no more. Hershey work good NQ. Idiot not know work. So work.
  9. See Hershey cahrt NQ to day. Short carnal form. Shorter carnal form. NQ break shorter carnal. Retrace to short carnal. Test shorter carnal. Rebreak short carnal. Test short carnal. Twice. Game over. All as Hershey say. Merchant think. You think?
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  10. Because is Merchant, only half people read post open cahrt. Is test. Hershey carnal form. Speed up. Speed up again. Price up break third carnal, but can no draw new one. Price down break back in third carnal. Then same for second carnal. Not look good for gold. But Merchant buy long time go. He not sell. You sell, you own $300 gold? What else do dollars? Keep in sock? Spend on woman?
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