Old monitors and high pitch whine

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  1. Anyone experience a high pitched whine from CRT'S? I have a couple of older Crt's, 1 viewsonic and one Sony, probably both 8-10 years old and they have developed a high pitch whine which is actually to the point of unbearable when it starts. Is that a sign of impending doom? What causes it?
    Wife won't be able to complain about buying more equipment soo, I'm kind of hoping. :D They aren't my trading monitors, but of course I would have to upgrade the trading group and move the old trading ones into the replacement spots.
  2. My LCD just did that and died a few weeks later. Luckily under warranty. Thank you Hanns G. Not so lucky, had problems with both Hanns G monitors. No more Hanns G for me. :D
  3. It's the flyback transformer in the CRT. They go bad after a while and start making a racket when the seal on them breaks down. They oscillate at a very high audio frequency and that's what you hear. Yes, it's only a matter of time before they go boom.

    Just junk 'em and get new LCD monitors.
  4. All right new montiors! I mean dang I hate when tech craps out. :D I've been waiting for an excuse to add a couple new LCD's for trading. Went to buy one a week or two ago and missed out on a great sale. Thanks for the HansG review, I was thinking about them, as they seem to be on sale alot. I'll probably stick with Dell, Samsung or LG's. So far good luck with them.
  5. Steve thanks for the info also! I was wondering what the heck in a monitor would cause that sound. I am honestly surprised it doesn't bother the dog, as it really bother my ears and the kids really get irritated by it.
  6. Uh, he meant to say dispose/recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner. :p
  7. Ya know, I thought about that after my original post. The sad fact is that even the most trusted and reputable recyclers end up shipping junked PCs and CRTs to rural China anyway.

    I'm not sure there's much you can do about it. Asking where they ship things, or researching them on google doesn't matter. It's all about money.

    Sometimes I think it'd be more eco-friendly (and human-friendly) to just bury them in the woods somewhere.
  8. I get an intermittent high-pitched whine, also.
    Sounds like this:

    "Are you gonna watch those charts all day?"
    "That's gambling, that's all it is"
    Etc, etc...:)
  9. ATLien


    Ahahahahaha, nice one.
  10. LOL, wife leaves me alone, but every summer I hear the first part everyday when the kids are off. I wish there was a prop firm in Milwaukee. Last summer I was at the point of wanting to find a place in Chicago and taking the dang Amtrak everyday. LOL
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