Old McCain was a Republican maverick. New McCain is Bush 3.0

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    I did have nice things to say about a McCain candidacy at one time. But that was when the field was wide open for Republicans to succeed Dubya in ’09.

    If I’ve changed my mind, which I have, that’s because McCain has changed. There really are two John McCains now. There’s Old McCain, the younger one I liked, and there’s New McCain, who bears little resemblance to my moderate crush. To borrow from singer Katy Perry’s hit single, I kissed Old McCain and I liked it. But New McCain is creepy.

    Old McCain was a Republican maverick. New McCain is Bush 3.0, aka McSame.

    Old McCain excited me. So does New McCain, but not in a good way.

    Old McCain was tough, passionate, sure of himself, but not cocky. He stood up to the loyal Bushies in 2000 and took a political beating from his own party that left him scarred but able to fight another day.

    Old McCain followed the dictates of his conscience. New McCain seems weak, tired and feigns passion.

    Old McCain was a straight talker. New McCain spews platitudes and sound bites. Dr. No? Really? Is that the best he can do?

    Old McCain didn’t have to play up his military experience because everyone knows this Vietnam vet’s story and respects him for it. New McCain makes dubious claims, such as, “I know how to win wars.” Name one.

    New McCain has become a lead player in a war scripted by The Bush-Cheney Theater of the Absurd. Like the overdone Norma Desmond, New McCain appears clownish as he waits for his next close-up.

    The Religious Right told Old McCain to jump, but he didn’t. New McCain asks them, “How high?” That is why he went mute when asked what he thought about insurers paying for Viagra and not birth control. He hadn’t been given those talking points yet.

    Old McCain criticized the president when necessary. New McCain has embraced this imperial presidency and collected James Baker and other Team Bush apparatchiks along the way.

    The more hawkish New McCain speaks about a 100-year war. He cannot function without “Baghdad Joe” Lieberman whispering in his ear.

    Old McCain was quicker, sharper and more alert. New McCain isn’t exactly wiser with age.

    Sometimes he doesn’t know where he is, which terrorists we’re fighting, or that there’s no longer a place called Czechoslovakia.

    Old McCain was curious. New McCain is becoming almost as incurious, including about the economy, as Dubya.