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  1. Gained a renewed appreciation for Clapton from the reunion and the Albert Hall concert. Fresh Cream was a killer album too.

  2. Right on, man. Check out Blind Faith too if you haven't done so already.

    Don't know where this was but they're old here :) - Eric does a fckin superb run on lead, George was good but not like Eric, and the song is arguably HISTORY's greatest, stood the test of time and still sends the mind down the foggy ruins of time, far past the fozen leaves, upto the windy beach, far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow. :) :)

  3. Clapton played lead on the Beatles original version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Guitar has evolved alot since Clapton and I don't mean shredders who I hate. There was a time when the 4 minute mile was thought to be impossible to break too.

    Have I checked out Blind Faith? Are you kidding? I'm a child of the sixties. Me and my buds were deep into everything to do with that zeitgeist. My hair was down to my nipples started playing guitar 40 years ago. Snuck into more concerts than we ever paid for, climbed walls, broke windows, hung out in broom closets 2 hours before the concert started. Yea, I've heard of Blind Faith, heard of Traffic? I am Dear Mr Fantasy.
  4. yeah, but that song they're playing sounds like 10,000 other songs just like it.

  5. Hey, that's great. Count me in too, another fella of the magnificent 60s. God help us, what's wrong with us????? :) :) :)

    I was into it too but didn't get involved in the drug scene, not one bit, only smoked hash once and said fck it, not for me. Not even a boozer, one or 2 beers, but the pussy, that's a whole different ballgame. :D :D :D

    Best pussy ever seen and scene was at Anjuna beach Nov - Feb every year and all the greats were there as simple as simple can be and nobody gave a flying fck who was who although everybody noo.

    This cat was there too and is one of the greatest ever - see the fckin lines on his face - this cat has stood the test of time


    this old one throws a wrench in the heart (still does after all these years) @ 1:44 with that lead run


    here's what it looked like with brian Jones (riff missing in this)

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