Old Fart's Club

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Lauren wants to be a "mommy?"

    The moderators pulling all my pics of hot chicks then closing the threads??

    This place is turning into the Old Fart's Club.

  2. Well I didn't say right now.....sheeeeesh....
  3. Maverick74


    Dude will you leave this chic alone for God's sake. You are becoming a borderline stalker. Enough already. It's actually quite scary. I can't believe Lauren has not filed a restraining order against you yet.
  4. Nah, she not gunna file a restraining order against me because she's not a scared little Screamin' Mimi fairy half-baked message board mushbrain whackjob like you.

  5. Yeah, right.

    Going to Chicago to find a trader/daddy?

    Good luck with that.

  6. Maverick74


    I wouldn't be so sure about that. She hasn't been on ET that long yet. I don't think she realizes that nutjobs like you are not just playing the role of a psycho, you actually are a psycho. Your obsession with her is very very scary. Go get a dog or something and stop drooling after her.
  7. Yeah, she should really realize the things YOU do about message boards for "sure."

    "Go get a dog or something and stop drooling after her."

    Nah, I graduated up from phuckin dogs to hand held shower nozzles a long time ago.

    Canines are more your speed I'm "sure."

    One thing you may want to know for "sure" ... my name is not "Waggie."

    Just word of wisdom.

    Later, old fart.

  8. She should consider Botox; that and plastic surgery prolongs the life of hookers. Ask the Brazilians.
  9. I'm going to have to agree with Maverick here. Every day there is a new thread with Lauren as the central focus. Tradeoff, I'm SURE there are PLENTY of hot chicks in your neck of the woods. If you're really returning 100% on Forex, I'm sure you'll have no problem affording beer and alcohol for them as well.

    Once a girl knows you are desperate for her, it is over -- so move on. :)
  10. LOL!
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