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    I have been at this forecasting game for a 13 years. Like most people in an intriguing endeavor; I have continued to further my knowledge and understanding; yet my richest forecasting insights most often occur amid flashes of group curiosity. I find that classroom settings are breeding grounds for a "group think" that challenges the instructor to further simplify his understanding into a lower common denominator that makes his knowledge more accessible to both his students and to himself.

    To experience the fruits of giving/teaching knowledge is an amazing experience to say the least.

    I can only hope my insights are shared here and the group setting further expands my current understandings.:D
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    I realize that in order to build credibility; one must show performance.

    When I was an instructor an Analyst at Premieretrade; I made forecasts daily to the subscribing members daily while I gave an occasional freebie to all who tuned into our forum.

    the attached chart is one of the forecast made there. An amazing forecast none the less; yet I have continued to advance my understanding since that forecast.

    I will post my forecasts on EliteTrader, since linking to another site to do so is prohibited.
  3. Is the floor open for questions?
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    Hu huh...

    Hey...do you think LeBron did the right thing by going to Miami?

    BTW, do you have a website and have you ever posted under the name "The Expert"?
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    Funny that you should say that as the first post I read here was from the "the expert". But no; I am not the "the expert" and I don't have a website. I love TA. Oh and on Lebron; the markets are all I can handle or should I say that the market are my sports.

    I am working with a fellow trader friend who has been building an amazing website but it is not mine. I plan on helping him with managed accounts and alerts but the site is still in it's infancy stage.
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    I replied to you much earlier and it never posted as several other posts I made never hit or they are "way" delayed.

    But YES Socrates; I highly welcome your questions and curiosities.
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  8. Thank you. I noticed that the post count was off and self-salved my wounded feelings.

    My mission in life is to be amanuensis to more accomplished men than I. I offer this same service to you, to be Boswell to your Johnson. As you are new to ET, and sincerely want to help others and to learn in the process, there are certain hazardous shoals one must navigate. It is easy to desire to share selflessly, but to be sidetracked quickly by the rampant cynicism here. There are ways to avoid this. I offer to be your guide. I seek nothing in return other than to use my skills and to learn as others and you learn.
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    When are you going to let us sign up for this website (the one that is not yours)?

    BTW, who were you trading FX with 13 years ago?
  10. You see, it has already started. It will be all over soon if you do not let me help you recover. Your first lesson about ET is that it is hard to give anything away out of the pure goodness of your heart.
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