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    20 plus yr vet in this crazy game with a few huge regrets, one is not ever learning to code. Have a handful of lower latency strats that I have been trading w some success but would like to work w someone to do some true backtesting and tweaking. I want to verify if it has just been random that these have produced or not.

    I have been trading for a living for a great while & hopefully this would not be a one sided collaboration. In other words I don't mind sharing info/knowledge with the right person.
    The ideal person would have ability to code these up and run some backtests & be a true finance junky like myself. I would like to work w someone that is either already doing this for a living or that is the goal....
    I have found that people that are successful in this biz have a love of the markets & speculation. The people that are just looking for a get rich scheme & do not have a true passion for this never make imo.
    You basically have to eat & breathe this stuff to be successful imo.
    If this is you and you are interested please dm me.
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    So basically you want to save few thousand bucks between time of programming and costly data on systems you really don't have a clue whether they work in all kinds of climates?

    I have three feet of systems my programmer is working on whom I pay to have done as I don't want to share results.

    I really doubt you going to get competent existing trader to do this on a lark and there are risks.

    Better to get college student and pay him and not share if it turns out good. You really don't know who you dealing with here as far as hidden vendors.
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    I understand this stuff like the back of my hand


    and I wrote https://vixra.org/abs/1211.0094 which has been cited by a PhD guy in his thesis


    to do any low latency stuff you are going to need a broker like Lime brokerage , you cant do low-latency with anyone else for less cost that I am aware of. I dont work on promises of future returns though, and im quite busy trading options and developing my own stuff
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    Tghe type low latency stuff Im talking can be done manually.
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    I think you need to call what you are doing something besides low latency, because by definition it cannot be that. low-latency is exclusively algorithmic strategies that that *you* are not *in the loop* on, and furthermore are algorithmic strategies that are responding to events in less than one millisecond.



    "We define low-latency activity as strategies that respond to market events in the millisecond environment,the hallmark of proprietary trading by high-frequency traders though it could include other algorithmic activity as well. We propose a new measure of low-latency activity to investigate the impact of high-frequency trading on the market environment. Our measure is highly correlated with NASDAQ-constructed estimates of high-frequency trading, but it can be computed from widely-available message data...."
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    Ok thanks for correcting my terminology.
  7. There is a long distance between trading knowledge and implementing strategies in code. If you are not versed with anything besides UIs there is a lot of things to learn before one can efficiently do dev work. I would suggest getting familiar enough so that you can at least be knowledgeable enough to know A from B so you don't get sold a bill of goods.
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    what are you talking about? I am not looking to buy anything and prev said I have no coding knowledge...
  9. Nevermind then.
  10. some strategies are very hard to code. I have a strategy, it took me one decade to code still yet finished.
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