Olbermann Analysis

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  1. Sense Obama was inaugurated what does Olbermann and his teleprompter talk(read) about?

    He complains about the patriot act that Obama won't get rid of. More specifically he spent the first 15 minutes of his show trying to convince his audience that Bush spied on journalists with not one piece of evidence. With no evidence he questions the morality of spying on journalists and than even whines about his moderate dems in congress not investigating. Where the fuck is the evidence Keith?!!

    He moves on and starts talking about the "unchecked" powers of Bush and Cheney. Once again complains about current democratic congress not investigating Bush and Cheney without bringing up any specific areas in which their powers were unchecked.

    He then plays a video of democrats of course being for the stimulus package while the republicans say tax cuts are needed for the economy. Does Olbermann debate the positive and negative factors of the stimulus package versus tax cuts? He certainly does not. Rather he focuses his entire economic debate with Howard Fineman talking about how Obama said he won. Obama won?....wow...didn't know that.

    Goes on with his oddball portion. Plays a video of claymation things talking about sex. Plays a video of a dog biting a guy.

    He talks about Blago and talks about Obama's blackberry.

    Talks about liberals dislike for secretary rice. He tries to blame Bush for the V.A. miscounting 25K. Talks about a man who was released from Gitmo that is now a terrorist leader even though he wants to get rid of gitmo.

    He insults Blago. He brings up Kennedy but never actually questions her motives for why she actually dropped out.

    Goes onto worst persons in the world segment. He states glen beck is one of the worst persons in the world because beck said Obama was sworn into office without a bible and said he was the only president ever to do that. Olbermann says Beck was incorrect and than says he is the worst person in the world.(?!?!) He than goes to say Dick Morris is the worst person in the world because he owed thousands of dollars in taxes while at the same time arguing against Geithner. Hey Olbermann, is it more important to maybe debate Geithner or the stupid comments Dick Morris makes?

    Olbermans number one talking point of the night- Obama's blackberry....no instant messaging and no facebook.

    No honest debate about the economy.

    No honest debate about controversial cabinet members.

    No evidence about Bush spying on journalists.

    No specific points of unchecked power.

    Worthless dialogue on Obama's punchlines.

    Irrelevant topics of V.A. money.

    Addressed the issue of a former Gitmo member who was released that is now a terrorist leader but never mentioned the negative aspects of releasing these terrorists.

    The worst persons and Obama's blackberry segments speak for themselves.

    Just remember Obama can't instant message or use facebook on his blackberry.