Okay, something *good* about CNBC for a change

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by rickf, Jul 29, 2007.

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    Out of curiosity, I just popped up CNBC online's free streaming coverage of CNBC Asia tonight (Sunday night here in DC) --- I can't begin to tell you how refreshing it is to *not* hear the annoying chirps, beeps, whooshes, and other World-of-Warcraft-like sound effects that plague CNBC USA! Nicer graphics, too.

    Also from what I can see thus far their international coverage seems less sensational and hyper --- and much more down-to-earth and 'newsy' than its USA network. (Frankly I find it unbelievable that CNBC USA considers it a serious 'news' network even though after 2100 during the week it goes into game shows and paid programming instead of....oh....I don't know....covering world markets? Seems like a poor sense of priorities to me, but maybe I'm just a cynic.)

    Go figure.
  2. The difference between cnn-international and cnn-us is like that, too.
  3. Things are "dumbed down" for the USA market.

    "More blond women with breast implants and less news please, we're Americans."
  4. well it certainly is good to see some truthseekers out here. everything overseas is just better. stocks trade at lower multiples, trend properly, pay better dividends, in better currencies, and show capital appreciation. Not only that, but memeber banks also keep more in reserve than domestic banks. go figure. what are we doing wrong? are we chasing away capital from the homeland?
  5. CNBC europe is also of high quality. No annoying sound affects.
  6. I believe its the work of the gay mafia, that added all those sound effects.

  7. the childish graphics and sound obviously help their ratings.

    Says much more about the target audience than the network itself.
  8. Seem like the irrational and moronic have taken over in the good ole USA. It was always there under the surface, but it's in charge now.

    Most people seem to like it that way. Welcome to the Matrix-USA.

  9. It's free finally?? Thought you had to subscribe to CNBC+..
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