okay, now I am willing to pay $$$ for a very good Forex charting package-HELP!

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  1. okay, now I am willing to pay $$$ for a very good Forex charting package-HELP!...forget yesterdays post...

    I simply want a 'non fx broker' connected great Forex charting package that I can download an icon on my desktop and when I want...click it and access the chart with a price feed. I am SO TIRED of 'dorky' FX java charts...

    Basically something like "Strategy Runner" platform for Forex...but no, no...I do not want to trade forex with a 'broker only' arrangement on the charting package...I trade forex with a very good forex broker but their charts are terrible and they are Java!!!!

    I would like to stay in the $25- $50 per month range...any thoughts...totally serious here...

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    what you need is a one of those rare FX broker that don't actually work against you


    these guys are the real deal
    (mods don't delete, this broker advertises on ET)
  3. MetaTrader is available free. I use it for charting, and execute on Oanda. Simple and cheap. Like me.
  4. is it 'non java' and do you access it from an icon on your desktop?
  5. do they offer 'non java' charts if I do not have an account???

  6. Ummmmmm...........persona non java? With a Carl Icon?
    Yes to both questions.
    Hey increase, where you been brudda?
  7. wow...I was wondering who was noticing I've been missing here!!!...you win!!just other stuff going on....you still trading Eur/Aud or what?
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    no, sorry
  9. More AUD/USD than others.
    I, personally, don't think you need to pay for some fancy chart package.
    Trade what you can see, don't see what you can trade.
  10. Either Metatrader for free or an independent ISV like Neoticker. That has the advantage that it is broker independent (you can either connect to a supported broker or a data provider). Its not free, but i don't want anything else meanwhile.
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