Okay I'm going take start programming for strategy trading

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  1. I want to learn strategy trading. The one that I hear the most about is trade station. I realize that it is going to take a lot of time and effort in order to learn how to use it. So I want to make sure I am using the best one out there. I have read a review that for some reason you can't use tradestation to scalp. I'm kinda doubting this is true?

    Any advice or direction I should take would be greatly appreciated
  2. ONLY do this:

    Start with this book: EASYLANGUAGE BOOTCAMP
  3. Hard to find book indeed.

    This is the best I can find: https://www.tradestation.com/support/books/bootcamp_book_detailed.aspx

    If anybody is interested: I'll let go of my new copy, in pristine condition for $89 (FREE shipping included.)

    Thought I was going to keep this great book to pass along to my little ones, but.. ya know.. you gotta let it go sometimes.
  4. tradestation will not be everything you think it will be - good luck -
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  6. Whats your experience with it and what do you use?
  7. programming in tradestation is fine - but their intrday data is not the greatest - if you look at their time stamps of their historical data you will see that they are off up to 5% of the time - that being the case - garbage in, garbage out
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  9. I saw that book selling recently for $195 -- it seems to be headed for Crabel status, who owns a copy himself. Apparently, one of the authors got busted on his fund, but he definitely knows his shit, just couldn't trade I guess.
  10. 5% off with market data geeez I dont need that crap.
    What about with futures are you talkin about stocks or fx or what?Or 5% off with everything?
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