Okay. I was skeptical. Chevy Volt is a 'Killer App.'

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  1. It looks like it was designed by Apple Computer. Very, very modern. The center stack is killer.

    This blows the Prius away. And it does so with 150 horsepower, which is significantly more than the Prius, while achieving better efficiency.

    40 mile range purely on battery power, and then a gas engine kicks in and recharges the battery while you continue to drive. The Prius has a dual system alternating between gas and electric.

    Let's hope GM comes in around 30k on this - I think people will pay a 6k to 10k premium over the Prius to get this - remember, it's virtually solid state, which means the reliability should be very, very good.

  2. Well GM better start pulling out all the stops.
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    Pretty good looking car. I will get rid of the shine off the plastic. That make it looks cheap.
  4. The white plastic is supposed to be glossy. If it were black, it would be known as 'piano black.'

    I think it looks really nice.
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    Is it the production version?
  6. Unless things have changed since I researched the Volt, it won't be out till 2010. Even then people are skeptical.

    As far as the technology, everything hinges on the battery. Unless they have proprietary technology, others including Toyota will be able to bring similar vehicles to market.
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    Check out Fisker. http://www.fiskerautomotive.com/
  8. I believe that they are using full lithium ion from the get-go while Toyota is still stuck with older NiMH technology for a while.

  9. Their plan to use lithium ion is a big reason for the skeptism. Aside from the Tesla, I am unaware of any vehicle that uses the technology successfully. Tesla uses something like 8000 little lithium ion batteries and is still not out of production, let alone proven.

    The old RAV EV used NiMH batteries and got 100 miles per charge. Some are still on the road.

    Yet the Volt is only aiming for a 40 mile range using Lithium. Doesn't really seem that spectacular. As far as using a generator to extend range, any company can do that.
  10. Chevy needs to change that hideous logo... into something with loops and smaller.

    Whenever I see that logo, I think... redneck truck..
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