Okay, I have a bone to pick

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  1. Generally speaking, I dislike having my posts deleted unfairly. For the third time, Magna, moderateur extraordinaire, has deleted posts I wrote in NoDoji's journal. I first posted a minor observation, which the OP actually agreed with. However, the BMOC, bighog, decided to deride me with abandon and for no particular cause other than because. When I merely responded in kind, albeit with more brevity and an actual rationale for my response, I was reprimanded and selected posts of mine were deleted. However, bighog's derogatory remarks toward me remained. In sum, he started it and he got to end it because Magna said so.

    When I asked about this disparity of treatment, Magna advised that, while he doesn't treat everyone equally, he treats everyone fairly. Being a patron of the condescending arts, that remark gave me pause. Admiration aside, I dislike unilateral condescension, particularly when it is directed at me. And while I think it's fine for moderators to exercise hero worship, I would rather that it not be at my expense.

    Since you have a Feedback section, I thought it would be appropriate that I share my thoughts about this matter.
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    Now for your sake, if only somehow that "bone" could evolve into a back bone. The world is a much nicer place when you're not always the victim.
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    Would that bone you wish to pick by any chance be the <i>nasal bone</i>?
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    I'll look into the thread, but from my past experience with magna his moderation is very down to earth and fair.
  5. While Gabbie/Dog and I are at polar opposites of the political spectrum, and usually have very little to agree on, in this matter I do believe he got the short end of the stick.

    Tempest in a tea-pot certainly, but the short end none the less.
  6. Aside from the thread in question, I have no reason to disagree. You may get additional useful info if you communicate with him directly.
  7. I'd like to thank you gents for your fine contribution. Guess what I think each of you should do with your bone.
  8. Thanks for your support. As for your tempest comment, please note that this is the teapot's feedback section.
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    I hope it doesn't involve sticking it inside you.
  10. Judging by your smiley, you seem to be waiting for fhl.
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