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  1. Gender Variance

    "Students government leaders at Harvard University want the university to remove male-female designations from restrooms in order to make them more inclusive toward students whose sexuality may be ambiguous, reports the Harvard Crimson.

    The president of the Undergraduate Council, Matthew W. Mahan, sponsored the bill, which urges Harvard to remove male or female designations from all single-occupancy bathrooms. The bill passed by a 32-3 vote, but only after heated debate.

    Joseph R. Oliveri contested the language of the original bill, which called for a clause explicitly granting transgender and gender-variant people the right to use any restroom they deem appropriate.

    “The proponents of the bill have not been able to give a concrete definition of who is gender variant,” Oliveri said, adding that the new bill would allow anyone—himself included—to enter a women’s bathroom."
  2. why not? why have separate restrooms? get rid of them. i'm all for it..
  3. dookie


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    I'm going back to school!!!:D
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  6. Ever been to Harvard???