OK, your call for Monday 2/12/18?

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  1. Your prediction?

    My prediction: PAIN
  2. I make this prediction right before the opening bell rings at 6:30am EST. :confused: -- and even then...I still keep an open, patient, dynamic, malleable mind,
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  3. Haha very good lawrence - do post your prediction in the morn! Although, maybe the point is you'll be able to see how they are going to open right before they open. :)

    What all opens at 6:30am EST? Futures markets? Anything else? I don't think the stock market opens until 7:30 EST, correct?

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  6. Asia opened a bit higher - so the bias would be higher. We'll see how Europe opens. Dow and S and P are marginally higher, but I don't think they are saying much.
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  7. Hahaha. Ceasing and desisting.
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  8. Thanks ajacobson. When you say DOW and S&P are marginally higher - in what trading? I thought everything was closed until the morn. Thanks.
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    ES is currently up about 15 points as I write this, but gold also higher. I think it will be another volatile week. If it was obvious which way the market would go this week, it would have already made the move last Friday. What information has come out since Friday? I think we'll at least re-test the lows of last week. My bias is that we'll end the week higher than we are now, but not by a lot. Who knows though. I plan to take advantage of volatility by selling calls going a month or more out at strikes near previous market high. Still plan to short TLT and IYR via selling near-the-money calls. Only thing I'm selling puts on is GLD, but around the 122 strike. Will sell weekly calls conservatively on interesting earnings plays coming out this week.
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