Ok you know the drill

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  1. Lets run up the index futures starting at 3:00est. Make it look pretty for the folks at home.
  2. Wait for CNBC to come on and tell everyone we are now into the final and most important hour of trading. They will with out a doubt lift the indexs into to close. Final six day of Q2 fund mannagers will support the markets guaranteed.
  3. Have know fear, fund manager is here. Know down days here folks. Just sit back and buy, the show is about to begin
  4. Well Wada ya know, look at the market go. Know sir no correction for another six days.
  5. Ebo


    Try lithium!

  6. I don't need any batteries.
  7. Was actually a pretty nice trade just before 3 at that first pullback off the 2b. Doesnt look like its going to have much follow thru.
  8. It is sickening how fast you must take these measly profits. Hey wait the market is falling, turn these machines back on sell sell sell.
  9. Last year at this time, with very similar price action (although I would say this is even more listless than 2004), there were 3-4 threads about 990N. This year we dont have the scapegoat to lash out against.

  10. Last year was beautiful with these 500 point monthly swings in the Dow. This 100 point range for the last 5 weeks is maddening.
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