OK, what moron shows 100K size???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by axeman, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. BHE, time: 14:16:45, 100K shares on the bid, and it EXPLODES.

    What kind of idiot shows real size like this?????????
    And then KEEPS showing it???


  2. vega


    The one who's already long 1M and is looking to dump it:eek:

  3. ktm


    Steve Cohen...and he's not a moron.
  4. MR.NBBO


    Sometimes size does attract size.......you gotta know the market condition to make it work, though.
  5. A serious buyer, or one who would have you believing they are. Looks like it was the bottom temporarily. Nice explosive move from there.

    Did you get in, or were you anticipating more downside, just curious?

    Trade Well, & God Bless You!
    L8R Kelly
  6. 50_luma


    I remember once in premarket DNA was up several points and there was a 100K offer on INCA, so I shorted a 1000 shares 25 cents below him, next thing I know 500K ! bid came in on INCA, stock exploded several more points, and lucky for me the stock traded nicely after the open and gave me the chance to make the money back.

  7. Ebo


    Many "Smart Guys" will do that to get a stock up to their level to sell it.......or make it look "Heavy" so all the lemmings hit it so he can buy it. You would be surprised how sleazy some instututional traders are. Read the article on Stevie Cohen! He has a "contra" desk.
  8. And this isn't considered market manipulation??? :D
    Technically legal?



  9. Ebo


    I suppose it borders on a "grey" area.
    I am sure Mr. Spitzer is working on a way to end it.
    Just make sure you know which side to run ahead of.
  10. What kind of a moron keeping falling for it!!?

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