OK. We Get It. Enough Already.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Thunderdog, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Telling people (again and again) to buy dips in an uptrend is like having a restaurant menu with instructions to chew and swallow.

    I think we can take it from here. OK?

    Of course, there is a little something to be said for timing, otherwise you may find yourself choking on your soup crackers.

    (Imagine. Entering on pullbacks to a trend. Go figure!)
  2. fubar


    Exactly, not a single one of them has ever had the balls to go on record, they watch, sweat and wait for the bounce then miss it and try to get their courage back by screaming and shouting in a chatroom, none of them ever made a cent

  3. been on record since 2003 telling everyone to "buy" and "market never going down again"

    nice try toughguy..lol
  4. LMAO!!!!! They always try.. then we make new highs.. and it becomes very silent quickly :p
  5. So what? It's easy to make calls when you don't put your money where your mouth is.

    You don't trade. You're a 401k cheerleading douche bag....nothing more.
  6. fubar


    Thats not on record, thats pathetic ego with no proof of trades
  7. fubar


    Actually the complaints about your juvenile behavior are quite consistent, however you lot tend to disappear on the dips and never emerge until well after the fact. Thats how we know you are not trading. It's a shame you kids want to ruin this place, in real life real men would sort you out and you would learn to become socially responsible to the community, I guess thats why they call them keyboard heroes
  8. AWESOME T-Dog!!!...I agree...probably they would get more "excited" responses from the forum readers with a "Free dip give away" at their local Wal-Mart SuperCenter...great post!!!
  9. can you help me figure out which one is Makloda and which one is Eqttrdr?
  10. LMAO :D
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