OK time to contribute something serious, my analysis of OIL using my edge

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    i saw the reporter who gave them a lot of details for the movie on charlie rose right after the movie came out,he was invited to a party with all these oil brokers on 5th ave and the owner of the condo asked these guys where they thought the next war would break out,they all guessed wrong and the condo owner told them it would be Darfur,the oil brokers asked how much it would cost, the owner said 4 million for the military and 3 million for the press,they will never run a repeat of that episode. A guy named Prenderghast that worked in the Clinton administration was working with the U.N. and pleading with the present administration to stop the genocide,late 07 bush speaks up and says we will have to help these people. Three years after they have all been raped ,killled and run out of their country and the oil machines are in place.
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    what a world eh :cool:
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