OK time to contribute something serious, my analysis of OIL using my edge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by C- kid, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    I don't care for these things as I simply trade regardless of direction

    But something caught my eye

    this jump in oil, there is more here than meets the eye,

    what none of you understand is that oil companies using proxies make up a large portion of speculators, driving their own profits higher with portion of their profits

    they simply call it, investing and expanding their own business

    but there is more, by looking at this oil jump I concluded using my superior intellect that ATTACK ON IRAN IS IMMANENT

    this is exactly the PUT options buying before 9/11

    there will be blood for oil and it will happen soon
  2. C- kid

    C- kid

    I have no love for Iran but it seems wrong to make money on deaths of others

    however, if this isn't a problem for you, then you need to buy some oil :)
  3. The US hasn't bought the oil from Iran in ages. Plus they have sour crude that no one wants right now.
  4. ess1096


    $16 in 2 days?

    Not Iran, not Trichet, not the dollar, not Chavez, not Goldman Sachs, not (insert headline here)................... 2 words,

    Too many people were watching $120 for support, and too many people thought they would play the obvious short from $135 down to $120, and many bears made money in between, and many pigs got burned holding out for $120.

    It's just that simple.
  5. so which elitetrader member is c-kid a reincarnation of? i really am not sure yet.

    anyone have any ideas?
  6. i stopped reading right after ATTACK ON IRAN IS IMMANENT. Another waste of bandwidth
  7. i have to agree that is a good part of it as well. it's a ton of things combined but "speculators":p on the short side are getting blown out of the water right now. but you can't just immediately say it's not any of the other things you listed. those events were contributors to the squeeze. israel potentially attacking iran certainly spooked people and it caused buying and short covering which turned into a short squeeze. i am wondering if there will be some major pain on monday for the shorts. time will tell...
  8. C- kid

    C- kid

    I guess time will tell :)
  9. so if an attack doesn't happen within a few days does this mean you don't really have any clue at all? i'm completely convinced that people who use the word "edge" actually have no real "edge" at all. god I hate that word...it makes it sound like trading is like counting cards or playing hold em.
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