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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, May 24, 2004.

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    I heard recently in the news that MSFT's Bill Gates was going to start cutting the healthcare benefits of it's employees. Here is a company that is sitting on like 50 billion in cash. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and yes, he is a card carrying democratic socialist. So what does he do? He cuts the healthcare coverage of his employees and shifts the burden of healthcare more on the US government and US taxpayer.

    See, this is what I am talking about. I wish freaking liberals could walk the walk. Gates believes in a socialized society where there is a safety net for everyone and everyone is taken care of yet he himself refuses to do that at his own company. This double standard is killing me.

    Why does the US taxpayer have to pay for everything? The guy is sitting on 50 billion in cash at MSFT and he doesn't know what to do with it. Why not increase the healthcare benefits there, instead of cutting it. Why not help your employees kids get through college? Does any liberal out there actually believe in anything or is it all for show?
  2. More proof of your contention that all "liberals" (or was it Democrats....or are the two the same to you?) hate rich people?

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    Ahh, my good friend and worthy opponent RS. How is the weather down in FL?

    Actually, this post was not about how democrats hate rich people, but rather how people vote one way and yet live their lives in a completely different way. I find it quite hypocritical for a company with 50 billion in cash that by it's own admission does not know what to do with all that cash, but then they go and cut healthcare and prescription drug benefits for its own employees. Yet Bill Gates wants to see the US taxpayer pay for all that he is unwillingly to pay for his own employees.

    Now come on RS, you don't find this odd? I mean we can agree on this can't we?
  4. The weather is beautiful here Mav....surprisingly comfortable for this time of year......perfect golf and top down weather. If it was like this all the time, it would be LaJolla:) Meanwhile, I hear the weather in Chicago has been miserable. It delayed my getting out for a few hours on May 13, and from what I understand, it's been pretty bad ever since. Better days to come, I am sure!

    Anyway, yeah, I suppose I do agree with you on this. BUT....I learned a long time ago that not everything is quite as simple as it appears. Nor as accurate as reported.

    The only truly fair way to come to a conclusion about how Gate's mind is working on this issue would be to ask him. Which neither of us can do. So unless you can quote a statement directly from the guy, I guess the fair thing to do is to wait it out.

    Having said that, I never could quite figure the guy out. IIRC, the man was not a very charitable guy until he was married. So apparently it took some input from the only person who could really tell him what to do to make him into a philanthropist.

    So who knows how he really thinks? Always struck me as a rather weird duck. But then again, the very rich are different than you and me (who said that?). There is no way for us to really understand how a guy like Gates thinks. Or what he thinks.

    If things are as they appear, then yes, I would have to agree with your assessment. But I do have to seriously consider there is a lot more to it. Maybe Gates will make some kind of statement. Also, I don't know how the corporate structure of MSFT is set up. Perhaps this was a decision made by the board, not by Gates (though it is hard to imagine Gates not having the final say in much....but you never know).

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    The weather here really sucks! It's like this every April and June in the midwest. At least I don't live in tornado alley like I use to.

    Hey let me ask you something. What is the deal with the Florida coastline and mosquito's. I know that homes that are not close to the water have screened in pools because of the mosquitos and bugs. How close do you have to be to the water to not have your pool screened in?

    And yes, you are right about Bill, very strange cat.
  6. The house I just sold is about 6 or 7 miles from the ocean. I had a screened in pool. The lady who bought it and fixed it up to sell for a very tidy profit removed the enclosure. Looks a lot nicer without the screens. And probably just as usable.

    Seemed like mosquitos were not a big deal. I think the screened enclosures are going out of style (they are ugly and expensive). Unless you are pretty far west...towards the Everglades or other swampland, the mosquitos are not really that much of a problem.

    As you probably know, if you dig a two foot deep hole here, you will have a pond/lake (depending on how big the hole is). Mosquitos can be a bit of a problem at certain times of the day wherever there is water (usually just before sunset but rainshowers, or clouds or whatever brings them around unexpectedly at all hours). Never seemed to be an issue with me at home...and while I was not on the water, there was a good size lake behind the homes across the street. Mosquitos seem to bother me (only occasionally) on the golf courses....lots of water hazards. Spray on insect repellent does the trick (smells awful, but only when you first apply it). I carry it in my golf bag, and use it maybe once every ten times I play (maybe even less). It's the suntan lotion I really go through:)

    We are now in an apartment waiting for our new digs to be finished (beach front high rise....yeah, don't say it...I know we are old). We will have a terrace and a nice size rooftop patio. No screens. Probably a lot of very frequent repainting......lots of salt air and corrosion. It's always something.

    You planning a move?

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    My mother is planning to buy a home in FL. She use to live in Lighthouse Pt. in Pompano Beach on a canal with a pool. From what people tell me, if you live on the ocean, the intercoastal or a canal, mosquitos are not a problem and I never noticed them to be a problem but those screened in porches are really ugly I have to agree. And besides, it's a lot nicer to be out in the pool when you are actually outside. LOL. Especially when it's 80 degrees out!

    She is looking at the Sarasota area now, seems to be more value over there and nicer beaches. But even there, I see screened in porches everywhere. Oh well, such is Florida. LOL.
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    RS, could I respectfully correct you on one little point?

    (Florida will NEVER be a La Jolla, California!!!!!):D
  9. Well, I thought I pretty much said that. At least as far as the weather. Of course California is a lot prettier too.

    The trade off is that property values here are half what they are there. Probably less. I don't even want to know:)

    No doubt if money were no object, I would take La Jolla every time.