Ok, this is getting comical. Obama..

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    Apparently it's the only "solution" he's capable of coming up with.
  2. Obama's platform is change. As in what is going to be left of your paycheck once all his tax hikes are implemented.
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    :p good one
  4. Obama is running a very unusual, far left campaign. The last democrat to run for president on a platform of raising taxes was Walter Mondale. I believe he carried his home state and DC. Most at least attempt to pretend that they will grant "middle class" tax relief or some other lie, as Clinton did, until they are safely elected. Not Obama. He is running on an explicitly redistributionist, class warfare platform. He's never had a real job himself and has no idea what makes the economy run. I shudder to think what happens if he gets in with a Nancy Pelosi congress.
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    I remember watching Mondale's acceptance speech at the convention. He made the statement " I promise you that I will raise your taxes..." There was a smattering of applause but it was mostly silence in the auditorium after he said that. I think he lost the election right there.
  6. Don't worry. Obama will lose badly like Mondale or Kerry.
  7. ROFL atleast he's honest.

    here is the the exact quote:

    "Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I," he said. "He won't tell you, I just did."
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    The truth is that Obama will start us in the right direction, though he won't be able to do much to reverse the horrendous total tax increases that the Bush administration has saddled us with, now and for years to come. Under the bush administration your total tax burden, which includes the indirect tax of inflation due to monetizing the debt, has increased enormously. "Bush tax cuts", what a joke he has played on the naive public, including the rest of you guys. :D
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