OK the new rule is this, If you got time to post on ET, you ain't a trader, PERIOD

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  1. sida


    yes I do realize this puts me in with the sheeple :D

    but I got company

    lots and lots of company here :p :p :D :D
  2. sida


    the funniest thing I ever read on ET went something like this

    ET is a not a site about trading, the fact that some trading discussion is posted is rare and complete coincidence

  3. Everything in moderation.
  4. Except Saturday mornings...

    Someone pm me when the freak that takes offense to this thread arrives. :cool:
  5. Boib


    I don't know about that. Once a trade is entered, target and stops set, theres not much else to do.

    Watching the market will drive you crazy so you might as well do something to entertain yourself. ET if nothing else is entertaining.
  6. exaltedangel09

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    You are completely right.On the other hand, I have seen some people who have posted some really good stuff too.. Can't discount them either.

    It's not only on ET, it's with anything..
    If your making money, why tell your secrets away?.. better yet.. do you actually have the time to explain your secrets.. what's in it for you?

    Think about it.. no one's going to tell you how to make money.. if they did that 'method' would die down quickly....

  7. altered dangle,

    cute post.

    Most people will not use something given to them because they reason as you state.

    As an exception that proves a rule, it is possible for a person to give something to another person and only ask that he, in turn, pass it forward to another.

    The secret reason I have for making the passforward request is that is the time when the guy passing it forward really gets a handle on making money.

    Again, altered dangle, you would not do any passing forward of anything you were given because the more people using it would cause it to stop working.

    Finally, check out the definition of a full time trader. FYI it is a trader who only trades marginally and who is not even intermediate or approaching expert. Do expert traders trade full time? NO, they do not. Why? The reason why is that they do not need the excess capital they would be needlessly creating at the expense of their other interests (like helping others become rich too).

    altered dangle, I hope this has been entertaining to you. You are really funny so I thought I would give you some laughs in return.
  8. romik


    Please re-post using your usual alias

  9. As Yakov Smirnoff once said, WHAT A COUNTRY.

    27 FUCKING POSTS and you SET the rules.

    I say anyone with JUST 27 FUCKING POSTS who tries to set the rules is a WORLD CLASS JACK OFF.

    And BUDDY your have found your HOME, because WORLD CLASS JACK OFFS tend to be the RULE on this forum not the exception.
  10. the1


    If you got time to create one senseless thread after another you're an idiot.
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