OK, software to back-test options, stocks, futures, etc.

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    Just getting into this. Is there a go-to software that many use to back-test strategies? For all types of financial products. Sorry for the newb question - thanks for any help!
  2. Obviously see what your broker offers. Numerous products out there and the good ones can be expensive. OptionVue is worth a look for options.
  3. I've written my own and it takes not just additional cost of time to hand-code new strategies (it's my own time so at least I'm not paying money) but also a marketdata subscription (end of day updates) which costs me about $1k per year. And payed for the historical data, about another $1k :)

    So you gotta pay at least for the marketdata. And then, you get the greatest flexibility if you can code or pay someone to code whatever custom stuff crosses your mind.

    So good marketdata is expensive, good software (flexible options fitting your needs) is expensive, custom coding is expensive and most of your tested strategies will fail. Thus you may want to already have a source of income before getting into this, either a strategy that already works or like me, at least a job.

    It ain't cheap :)
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