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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hefty1, May 5, 2005.

  1. hefty1


    I've been trading 7 years now with prop firms. Other than a rough patch between 2001-02, its been a comfortable way to make a living.

    Recently, the whole idea of transferring risk appealed to me. It occured to me when we had our new born, that it would be nice if a company paid me to trade, rather than putting it all on the line everyday myself.

    March, April and so far May have been tremendous, which makes me think its time to get strike and see if other people will pay me to do this while I'm in a confidence sweet spot.

    How should I focus a job search, hedge funds, brokerages, etc.? I must have some economic rent.
  2. email me with your location will be able to direct you hopefully
  3. Hedge funds dont hire traders, but you can try. see, they are the traders at their own firms. Street firms also have little to no interest in traders unless you have a recently new minted mba from a top ten. But again, you can try.

    best of luck on your search.
  4. MBAs are not what a hedge fund looks for, not on the trading side, quants math whizzes yes, regardless I would not be so negative, Negativity is definitely not hte way to go. Rock on,
  5. hefty1


    Thank you all, I'm running some of those things down.
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    Seems to me that if you're successful trading on your own that's the best job possible. No one to answer to except yourself. Why not just step away from the prop firm and trade with your own account if you're doing well.
  7. Hes soooo succesful he wants to take over the country or the world! Why dont u try for a shot on "The Appentice" and meet your idol face to face, show "him" whats what.