OK. Serious question. Retards abstain.

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    I've built a medium frequency scalping and market making program (2 different modules for each instrument) (SPY, options, ES, ES options) that uses IB, DDE, ODS (excel free version), VBA, and operates from a non-colocated server. It's very profitable even after IB commissions.

    I now want to move this and modify it so that it will:

    1-Operate with any (and several) CME clearing FCMs, and a equities clearing firm.
    2-Use open source front-ends free of fees for GLOBEX and NYSE.
    3-Debug the code completely, translate into assembler, and run it in RISC servers.
    4-Co-locate 2 machines with plug-ins very close to both GLOBEX computer and NYSE computer.
    5-Try to build a faster version to suck dry all the HFT algos (I know how they work most of them).

    Only intelligent suggestions, regarding hardware, connections, brokers, clearing firms, redtape, will be paid attention to. I'm a superior human willing to exchange discussions with other superior humans. I know there is a handful or two in this forum.

    I got plenty of capital to spend, but will do all coding myself and a small team of people that I already control.

    I don't want to become and operate an FCM or equities clearing firm, but I do want rock-bottom costs.

    Don't even attempt to con me, because I'm the master of all conmen, and that's just a hobby. I will sound arrogant to most, but I'm not as intelligent as I appear to be, or as you think I am: I'm more intelligent.
  2. You will need a computer, at least one, a lot of computer type wires plus a keyboard. Get a small one so if you have to move it around frequently it wont be too taxing. I envy people that are so intelligent. Good Luck.
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    Yeah. Fuck you too.
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    Never fails

    OK. Serious question. Retards abstain. = Magnet
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    Thanks for the biggest laugh I've had in a week.
  6. No you didn't, and if you did it is not profitable guaranteed.
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    Another brain-trust joins the discussion...
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    with the handle samgold and your intelligence you certainly know the meaning of the word putz.
    considering adding putz to your handle to clearly identify yourself.
    if you would do it you would be a happy camper because responses would be limited to members of the same class as yourself.
  9. With such poor people skills, I hope you are as intelligent as you think you are. Your writing style doesn't exactly inspire others to want to help you.
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    if he listens to you his entertainment value will plummet to zero. therefore please refrain from giving that kind of advice.
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