OK, Reported a Spammer 3 times and your head remains in the sand

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Why do you pick and choose what the hell SPAM is??? I have reported this 3 times during the last couple of weeks. It is REALLY annoying when you do not act.

    Mr "DavianLetter" openly redirects to his website, and his user ID is his service.

    Do you protect your sponsors/advertisers or not? This site is REALLY blockheaded at times...
  2. Which forum? What link?
  3. Lucrum


  4. Joe


    I took care of it. Just send me an email next time, it takes me 2 seconds.


  5. I used the Complain button each of the 3 times - directly from the offending post(s) - clearly reporting that it was obvious spam. That is supposed to be what it is for, isn't it??? That is what is annoying about this. You have people here who are trying to keep this site from attracting spammers and reducing ET's value. Not acting on their Complain reports is basically telling them "Well, we may or may not take your report seriously - Whatever"

    Sometimes the mods act, and sometimes they ignore it.

    Where the hell does the Complain link send complaints anyway?
  6. TZones, chill the f- out man!!! You are acting as if someone just abducted your child and no one responded to your 3, 911 calls. My god man, get some perspective and chill dude!
  7. ET does a good jobs of weeding out spammer.s Just report the post and it will be cleared up quickly.
  8. Again, I do not know the forum you're talking about. The complain link sends notes to the emails of the moderators of that particular forum (each forum has different moderators). Some forums do not have moderators, so I'm not sure where it goes. I receive several emails a day from the trading forum, which I moderate. I review each one.