Ok, now the Democrats have gone too far!

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  1. While the govt is trying to do everything in their power to avoid a complete collapse of our financial system the Dems are playing games and trying to stuff pork into the rescue bill!

    I swear....


    Democrats are insisting the rescue include mortgage help to let struggling homeowners avoid foreclosures. They also are also considering attaching additional middle-class assistance to the legislation despite a request from Bush to avoid adding controversial items that could delay action. An expansion of jobless benefits was one possibility
  2. How is a mortgage rescue bill that includes homeowners "pork?"
  3. Its not a mortgage rescue bill, its to buy crap paper from financial institutions (financial inst rescue bill) so we don't go into depression!

    Now is not the time for partisan bullshit.

    Anyone who calls themselves democrat should be ashamed at themselves and their party.

    Just reached a new low.
  4. Okay, and how is including homeowners a problem?

    Hell, the government is writing trillion dollar checks right now. Why would this slow things down?

  5. Its a problem because its a sneaky way to throw controversial items into a bill that NEEDS to be passed. No time to debate this bill and dems are stepping over each other to get shit stuffed in it with no debates on the matter. Complete utter bullshit.
  6. Depression is already here, what are you guys talking about avoiding depression? Oh wait you believe government numbers...:p
  7. Interesting.

    Bankers got stuck with worthless paper because home owners can't pay their mortgages. Government bailing out bankers is not controversial, but trying to help the home owners is controversial.

    Now I understand the conservative logic. "Let them have cake."
  8. So the Republicans are objecting to this (what you call "pork" -- I guess a trillion dollars in buying worthless securities is not "pork") and it's the Democrat's fault.

  9. It's controversial to Republicans, and if they can't have it all, they'll block it.

    And so it's the Democrat's fault (somehow.)

  10. A homeowner who loses their house because they over spent and over stated income is of no ones fault but the homeowners.

    I-bankers who suck at understanding risk and go bankrupt is of no ones fault but their own also.

    But the govt isn't saving an individual with this plan, they are saving a nation.
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