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  1. I need your help. What is the answer for the following probablility equations?

    35/36^12= 71.316% Right? So what is:

    (35/36)^72 = ?

    (35/36)^108 = ?

    Just checking my calculations cause something ain't jiving. Thanks!
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    Taking things out to 3 places as you did on the first answer my calc gives:

    (35/36)^72 = 13.156%

    (35/36)^108 = 4.772%

    P.S. Yes, your calc is correct.
  3. Did you mean to omit the parens on the first equation?
  4. Wolfram alpha sez:


    They're the best thing since sliced bread.

    I started back to school for another Masters in Signal Processing this time. I'm in DSP right now, and next semester is Probability and Stochastic Processes. Great fun.
  5. Thanks all and thanks for that Wolfram Alpha link
  6. thats amazing
    almost like seeing the maker

    I mean repeatedly multiplying by a fraction resulting in lower products, that's almost 4th grade stuff.

    They don't call him Obvious for nuttin

    And now that you've revealed the secret sauce of HFT black boxes, what will they do next?