ok, let's go, show us that fibs work!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. gordon, I would gladly put my fib lines on your charts, but i absolutely F#$%^en hate stock charts. They are so ugly.

    I only look at the index charts because they are beautiful.

    I will post some of my charts using different methods involving fibonacci.
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  2. Gekko, I hope you're not paying attention to any of the crap this 2xWorldloser is spinning. The guy is obviously a drip, and taking him serious could be costly to your hip pocket.
    #22     Aug 29, 2002
  3. obvious? to you or to who? you know nothing about me, or my professional status, and yet from the above post, you have revealed your dark side.

    you are quick to judge
    you are an "in-the-box" thinker
    you are quick to die
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  4. i really can't comment. unless i see evidence that his methods work or don't work, i can't make a judgement either way. i like to keep an open mind. i will say his style seems a bit odd, but then again, there are probably a lot of styles being used by ET members.
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  5. I think the earliest "graphical" PC game I can remember is Zork ("graphical" meaning 10 straight lines in black and white) - still remember having a pile of 5.25 floppies to do saves, with no HD and 64k of memory.

    If I only knew then what it'd develop into 20 years later......
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  6. Here we go again........
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  7. Don't worry. daniel m just doesn't get it. I showed on the other fib thread that fibs work with some attached charts. Two were real time calls, the other one was after the fact.
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  8. savage


    gordon...here you go


    daily chart
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  9. savage


    60 min fib

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  10. savage,

    you should increase the resolution on those pics. They show up on my monitor as 2 inches wide and half as tall. Impossible to read!
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