ok, let's go, show us that fibs work!

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  1. anyway, as for myself, although i do daytrade sometimes, i like to hold for multiple days. i saw a post by darkhorse where he explained why he likes to swing/position trade. i remember he made some good points, which i agreed with.

    usually the only time i daytrade is if i get stopped out of a new position i entered the same day. i tend to look at a daily chart to find a setup, then i will look at an intraday chart for stop placement. however, i have to say, in the past week i have learned some things which i did not apply to my trading previously..

    when i daytrade on purpose, it's usually those days when i wake up and all the futures are down BIG before the market opens. i will watch for the selling to stall out and i'll buy longs with a tight stop. a lot of the time those days will at least retrace to the flat line. but other than days like that, i like to trade stocks on a daily chart.
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  2. mine was a 386dx40 ...BEAT YA!! :D
    (and oh yeah wolfenstein rocked!)
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  3. No one will give you anything of value for free.

    A riddle seems appropriate. It's of no value unless you solve it.

    Fibonacci works
    but only upside down
    and inside out
    backwards to forwards
    the line draws south.

    The Fib numbers u seek
    used by the elite
    are all just multiples
    of the golden ratio.

    To find the proper level
    count bars to the the peak
    and bars to the trough
    and you will have found that
    Fibonacci works well.
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  4. I LOVE riddles! Ok let's get started and see who solves this one first!

    {{{thinking here}}}

    (rs7 you are forbidden to participate as you are just to damn smart:D )
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  5. i remember playing doom 1 inside a small on screen window about 3" x 2" in size. my comp. sucked so bad this was the only way i could play it and get a decent frame rate.
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  6. SE,

    i believe 2xWorldChampion has previously posted 2 or 3 other riddles that have yet to be solved.
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  7. the riddles aren't meant to be easy. like I said, nothing is given away for free.
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  8. 2xWorldChampion,

    i thank you for your input, i really do. however, if i haven't been able to figure out your other 2 or 3 riddles (and no one else has either), why would i be able to figure out this one?

    also, for the record, i am not a newb. i probably know pretty much what everyone else knows but i just haven't put everything together yet. i KNOW i'm close though..and i will figure it out eventually..i will never quit.....i've been at this for 3 years and have put too much time in to stop now.
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  9. Ahh then I like his style. And the riddle is quite nice. (goodjob 2X) I like it. So lets try to get this one shall we? It will be fun.
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  10. WOW you have actually put 3 yrs into this? and haven't put it togethor yet? {{whistle}} Well you do have perseveverence i'll give that. Let's hope the 'put togethor' part doesn't take another three.
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