ok, let's go, show us that fibs work!

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. with all this bickering about fib numbers, i'm thinking to myself, "show me the money!"

    i picked 2 daily stock charts, basically at random... these are my picks, not yours, so that you can't hunt down good examples of where it worked!

    so let's go, anyone who knows about fibs and wants to participate, go ahead. just download these pics, draw your sh!t on them and then reupload them.

    here are the 2 charts..
  2. chart 2
  3. Gordo, I rented Wall Street last night. You were fabulous as usual.

    I am getting worn out with all the fib debate. The only charts I have going are the S&P and the S&P e-mini. Because the setups I have spoken about happen every single day, maybe I will continue to post what I see.

    For you fib traders looking at the e-minis, remember to use a common high or low, and to find a .382/.618 within one point. You should see some sort of a bounce.
  4. thank you very much.. i appreciate it.
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    I'm 54.... and I'm a little bit closer than when I was "very close" at 34. But then, I didn't start when I was 24. (4 is my favorite number)

    BTW, Fibs work mostly because enough people who believe in Fibs trade on Fibs and make them work sometimes. (4)
  6. i actually started when i was around 20-21. i would also say that i definitely put a lot more into that time than most people would. i will flat out say that i've probably learned more in 3 years than the average guy who dabbles in the stock market for 20 years would (not you in particular, gnome).
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    I hope u learned something from this thread..especially about fibs :)

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    Yeah, it really gets under you skin, doesn't it? Can't imagine doing anything else. Come to think of it, I WAS 34 when I started trading full time... 1982. My first RT trading machine cost $8000 and had 2 floppy drives, no HD. Things have changed a lot in 20 years. {4}
  9. my first computer also had no hard drive. it was an ibm pc jr and all i did with it was play hangman..heh. after that, my first real computer was a 386sx/33 with 4 megs of ram and a 2400 modem. i remember it was the best computer in the neighborhood at the time! i remember back then i was playing wolfenstein 3d, getting porn pics off bulletin board systems (1 hour download for each topless cindy crawford pic), and chatting with my friend down the street using telix. this was also about the same time there was aol for dos. anyone here remember the program aohell? hehe
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    I was talking about my 1st Real-Time Trading computer... it was actually my 5th. My 1st computer had no floppy drive, but rather a tape drive (like a cassette player)... and it had a whole 8K of ram!! My 2nd one was a deusy... it HAD a floppy drive... the 8" kind, and a whole 32K of ram... cost $5000! (4)
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