OK, I quit, enough is enough, no more trading!

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  1. wasted a lot of these things on trading:

    1. Time: 4 years.
    2. Money: $80,000.
    3. Hair: half turned white.
    4. Mental health: need regular medication to calm the nerves.
    5. Friendship: alienated almost all friends and relatives.
    6. Eyesight: went from 20/20 to 500-level glasses.
    7. Backbone: went from straight to bent.

    Oh, my back, it hurts.

    I quit.

    That's all, folks.

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    Let me guess BPtrader, you never did work closely with a mentor, correct? I'm sure i can help eliminate the confusion you have with these markets, but it's probably of little consolation at this point, right? You're not under obligation to respond, It's probably embarrassing.
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    :D :D

  4. Epic fail.
  5. i am sure every noob on et with $ signs in their eyes reads this and thinks "not me, i am special". you can tell them over and over that 90% wont make it but it does not register.
  6. i respect his honesty.

    i`m sure you can throw in there having the insides of a 60 yr old man.....ala frankie joe
  7. BP – Is there not a post from you in Psychology – The 10,000 hour rule that includes the following?


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    I have already gone through the pains, so I cannot go back and find out if it is better to start with a mentor looking over your shoulder. But I believe the pains I have gone through will prevent future blunders. I have heard successful traders blowing up, that often puzzles me. Why would a successful trader blow up? You shouldn't blow up if you are successful through a lot pains, because you already know the traps and mistakes of a trader. I guess a trader becomes successful with the help of a mentor is on shaky ground, someday he may have to suffer pains that I have suffered.

    After 5 years of pains, you will know what you are doing. Now I sit down in front of the monitor and know exactly what I should do. One tricky thing: I don't do what I should do.

    What is the deal?
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    Definitely not a career for the weak hearted, weak willed, or strong minded
    (think stubborn for those who don't know what I mean)

    I too respect his honesty


    eta... BP - Stops - They are there for a reason - use the damn things
  9. This doesn't make sense to me...

    Common, you are just getting warmed up... Crike... The first 4 years is only foreplay...

    Common... Cowboy Up Bubba... a couple of bumps in your road and a wee bit of headwinds and your out the door... mama mia...

    You don't get THE GAME... ?

    Nobody takes nothing with them... neither their loses nor their wins... your P&L does not count on the other side... the only thing that counts on the other side is the evolution you underwent while here... and trading will speed that up like a bullet train on steroids...

    In the long run... life... When you are stopped out by God or nature all you get to talk about in the locker room upstairs is... "Man you should have seen it... i was long the SP futures in the wildest up and down moves of the century..." - or.. You should have seen my copper calls after the 87 crash man... to the moon Alice.. to the moon..

    Lighten up... and enjoy the play.. win, lose or draw... nobody gets out alive... :eek:

    HAVE STOP <img src="http://www.enflow.com/p.gif"> WILL TRADE
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    Don't you read ET very often, RT? Don't you know that real traders don't use stops??? ;-)
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