OK I love Anvil.....but the monthly fees!!!

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  1. I have been with assent for a long time. Why?

    2 reasons.

    Relationships with the people I have worked with and worked for over the years, a level of trust that was built. 2nd....Anvil.

    Anvil has been the best trading platform I have ever used. SO many options. So much you can do.

    But alas the monthly fees. I know to some of you big fish 400 dollars a month in periphirals (vpn, news services, locates) before placing a trade won't seem much enlight of the commisions and fees but for the little guy out there like me who has been struggling to stay above water for the past 6 months, every little bit counts.

    So with that I'd like your suggestions to other prop firms out there with comparable systems and most importantly none of the penny and dime crap assent has slowly and steadily started piling on top of us.

    Like many of you ,my volume has dropped. This year , 640k traded in january and 850k traded in feb. I thought this might be a important factor.
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    Check out a prop firm that uses Lightspeed....I used to trade at Assent and when I saw Lightspeed i was amazed how similar they were. Almost identical.
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    yeah, i'd agree, most similar to anvil.

    i'd also say anvil was my favorite platform. although they never heard it from me, assent isn't exactly the easiest to do business with...they didn't do anything wrong...but well, i'll just say theres no love lost.
  4. I think regardless of you go your going to be spending close to 400 a month for a real platform when you add up the the data fees and whatnot. I have traded with multiple platforms and all seem to fall between the $300-400 range.
  5. I heard from someone that Echotrade rebates people 100 dollars for every 100k traded so that would elminate all fees for me.

    I wish Assent offered similar incentives.

    BTW thanks for the lightspeed anvil comparisson, it makes me more comfortable knowing theres not just anvil out ther for guys like us.

    Is there any other firms that offer lightspeed?
  6. (ah, what the Hell, LOL no LS or Anvil, but Redi has pretty much all you can ask for..much improved since GS bought SLK a few years back)

    Remotes pay $200 FULLY rebated if they trade only 200K shares. So, that equals basically zero. You will pay for any additional data (open book etc.), but this inclused the NYSE exchange fees and L1 data. .005/.003. Might have to learn a new platform, no big deal IMO.

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  7. Don thanks for the reply. I always considered you one of the most creative prop guys out there.

    I dont know anyone else who is more hands on now in regards to reaching out to the trading community.
  8. Thanks, and good luck wherever you choose to trade...

    Don :)