OK I Lied! That AIG mess, My Bad - Dodd Admits

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    After denying he had anything to do with the modification to the spending bill which explicitly protected these bonuses, he comes out today and says he inserted it into the spending bill.

    But the administration forced him to do it:


    All this bluster and fist pumping and public castigation and it is nothing but show.

    God I hate politicians.
  2. It was Alice who said that things get curiouser and curiouser. And so goes the ongoing story of Barry in Wonderland.

    It seems Chwissy Dodd and Barry are falling over themselves to take "responsibility" whatever the hell that means.

    I know it doesn't mean that they are resigning for for the good of the country or they are writing a personal check to the Treasury to cover the 160 million dollar mistake which is now covered by us suckers as we taxpayers are otherwise known to Washington beltway elite types like Barry and Chwissy.

    I think they are both trying to cover for the serial tax scofflaw Treasury Secretary who does NOT ever want to face the famous Howard Baker Watergate question of what did you know and when did you know it.
  3. That line runs around the block.

    Think the folks have had enough? There need to be some "event", some uprising, or movement to end this. Can't see what it is. But they give themselves raises, then bark about 160mm. They lobby for pardons for friends that grease the skids. It's sick. They are no better, possibly worse, than Wall St.

    The arrests are coming. there are hundreds of investigations going on. I want to see if the Wall St.'rs give up some politicos to save their sorry asses. Me thinks, yes.
  4. A men to that.
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    Is it open season on politicians yet?
  6. The most positive aspect of this finacial crisis:

    Frauds are being exposed everywhere.

    Less importantly the money (we can always get more when we need it, a la ink).

    Most importantly, is the charachter of the people who control the money and the culture of Congress.

    If we end up with riots on the street it won't be over wall street it'll be over the politicians who had their hand in the pockets of wall street.
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    Not until the 4th estate starts putting them in their crosshairs. As it stands now, MSM still loves the party in power