ok, I give up , here the sickest thing Ive ever seen MUST READ

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by stock777, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. GOE.

    do your own due diligence and get back to me

    I knew about this 2 weeks ago
  2. More than doubled the last three days. What was your entry price?
  3. lol, guess you didnt do your due diligence.

    PS , there must be a lot of you following my posts, awful lot of hits in only a few minutes.
  4. stock777 is a paper trader and babbling idiot.
  5. m22au


  6. Yeah, that was the only guy out of 100,000 eyeballs that wrote about it. That was WEEKs ago. Not a peep out of the traditional press.

    Maybe this post will get the regulators to rip them a new a@@@

    This is why we're at the precipice. Those in charge of keeping things honest are incompetent asswipes.

    Interesting this post got over 300 views in an hour.
  7. the ultimate go goe stock.
  8. so... do we short this?
  9. a) it was a short at 40, now its 110+, good luck.,

    b) probably near impossible to short.

    c) almost 600 views now, we've gone viral.
  10. Look at the volume that accompanies these moves. The big boys are just waiting for the retail suckers to jump into this basket. Something doesn't smell right...
    #10     Mar 9, 2009