OK, I give in...

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    But I'm not giving up.
    Looking for a backer to do TST 20 days/$100,000/10 contracts combine.Experienced ES day trader, have been out of the market for awhile, want to get back in. Really frustrated that I can't afford the fees. Good risk manager.Pretty confident I can go live.
    Would prefer to discuss the details through PM or email. Kind of a private individual. Was a broker for 7 years.

  2. gmst


    from being a broker for 7 yrs, how did you reach a position where you can't afford 160$ or so combine fees? Did you lose your job post credit crisis?

    You are on ET which means you have access to internet and probably a computer. But you can't put together 160$ or so for doing a combine!!!
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    Not discussing my personal life in an open forum. Ask Patak how many times he blew up an account.
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    Alright, please do not discuss.

    But I hope you understand the foolishness of what you want. You are looking for a backer to back you with 160$ so that you can attempt a challenge which has a failure rate of 95%.

    Go work somewhere for 5 days, you will earn and save 160$, use it to fund your combine.

    What is the point of asking for backing for such small amount. I think the minimum amount anyone should seek backing for is 10k to fund a trading account. Anything lesser and one should be able to arrange for that amount himself within 5-6 months. Anyways, thats all I can say.
  5. 1) I believe the "answer" is 3. Keep in mind that to "blow up" accounts is indicative of stupidity, immaturity and wrecklessness. Who or what is to say that he wouldn't have had a 4th.....and then a 5th? :confused:
    2) It's not a "badge of courage" to blow up an account just because some of the Market Wizards did that before becoming "successful". :(
    3) If you can't scrape $160 together, get a Christmas seasonal job at a big-box retailer for the next few months. :cool:
  6. Surf will do it.

  7. I am not trying to be negative, but if you can't afford $160, then you need to evaluate your priority.

    To every trader, trading, of course, is the priority, but you also need to make sure you have enough to take care of yourself. Make sure you have enough to support yourself and have a life. If you don't have the money to trade, then get a job. Also, remember to know your limit. Don't become a gambling addict.

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    I thought these threads were only created on Friday nights. Times must be getting tough.
  9. As I am always looking for opportunity and have backed and continue to back traders, I shot this guy a PM with my phone#.

    From his OP I thought there would be little chance, but hey - you never know and a phone call would quickly tell.

    I got a snarky PM back saying he wanted to conduct the whole thing by email - sure I will put up ten grand or so to a stranger in an adjacent state with no time for a phone call.

    From where I sit this is a nothing, just like it souds but w/attitude and snarky.


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    Well done JD.

    Thanks for the post.

    One of two possibilities here.....

    1) We have us a new paul tudor
    2) We have someone who has failed and is taking others with him

    99% of people may lean past option #1

    Either way, best of luck to all traders.
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