OK corall shoot-out

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Humpy


    How about a shoot-out between Binny the kid Laden and fast hands George W. ?

    They could pick a neutral place and time suitable to both. Bullets not words - boys.
    At least there would be one high placed and powerful clot less on the planet - that must be a plus surely !
    Perhaps they are both too scared when it comes down to getting their own hands bloody ?????????????
  2. maxpi


    That would be a Pay Per View all time event!! I'd put my $ on GW, somehow BL seems like he could not figure out how to field strip an AK, it's not like I know him or anything but the pictures I've seen of him firing one made it seem like he just wasn't into it that much...
  3. Humpy


    Youre right maxpi

    The event of the century and covered live by TV. Would be watched by billions. I can just see it in my minds eye. Sunset, an aicraft landing strip - deserted but for two men. One at each end of the strip, both with Western style six-guns in holsters.
    The clock chimes the hour and both men walk forward to meet their destiny - death or glory.

    Me going long on CNN and all the other news channels

    A hush

    From somewhere out of the surrounding hills comes the music of high noon

    Onward the two figures walk ever closer. One with a sneer, the other with a snarl

    They unbuckle their holsters - these boys mean business

    The two most dangerous men on the planet

    The tension is unbearable

    CUT for adverts
    Dont miss next week's all action finish
  4. maxpi


    The tension builds as the clock ticks... will the one that is squinting the most win or lose?? Is there such a thing as a discretionary draw-fire or should they follow their plans exactly..... stay tuned...

  5. The guy who squints the most always wins, provided they are chewing a cigar.

    Actually, i never thought obl looked that disinterested in the AK47 stuff as such, the body language (assuming its the standard clips) says
    "Yep, it works-order me another 5000, but get a better deal this time, huh? Im the richest mofo in this s#thole country, you think i could get better quality, these chechens are screwin me here, tell em they drop the price, or we go straight to the chinese, this is ridiculous.""

    That being said, a short barrel AK47 would be a beast to control, i dont think its outrageous to suggest he knows how to use it.
    Bush? He couldnt hit an entire country, his eyes are too close together.

    Cheney, on the other hand..........