ok, anyone a genius here on ET?

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  1. Maybe you have seen this before, but let's assume you haven't and can answer this question:

    If you can, you are considered to have an IQ at genius level:


    What is the next number in this sequence?


    Here is an even better question: If every American, 300 million or so, was to plant a tree, would that be enough to suck up a reasonable percentage of the green house gases being emitted into the air to save our planet?

    I think our grandchildren are all screwed. Glad I will be dead by next century.
  2. 18
  3. Crowbar


    Uhhhh .... duhhh ..... it's ... 18
  4. I'm not sure it counts when I've already given the answer

    I'm telling teacher
  5. Crowbar


    T28 cheated. Crowbar not like T@* today.
  6. If I cheated that shows genius too
  7. could someone please explain the answer and how it is found? thanks,
  8. Who the feck cares? Tell me how it will make me some money or how it will benefit me if I take the time to figure it out and I might get interested.
  9. bootize


    When you look at the sequence, look at those numbers backwards... and you'll see a pattern:


    What do you see...

    4 squared
    5 squared
    6 squared
    7 squared
    8 squared

    9 squared = 81

    backwards becomes 18

    sorry to ruin it for the others :)
  10. thanks, ,but you havent ruined it,, if they read on there probably expectin to find the answer,, .good trading tommorrow guys,
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