OJ, You ain't eatin' in my restaurant!

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  1. OJ Simpson was kicked out of a restaurant in Louisville, KY by owner Jeff Ruby. Mr Ruby is sickened by the attention Simpson still attracts and didn't want that attention at his restaurant.

    Mr. Ruby you are a man's man. You are the kind of man that this country badly needs more of. I applaud you.

    As for the people that still like to fawn over over him, what the hell is wrong with these people?
  2. 50 years ago OJ would have been banned from the restaurant for a different reason. :eek:
  3. crackers, ya got jihadists on your back to worry abt. oj is least of ya problems.
    praise allah.
  4. i also give credit to OJ for leaving with his friends without making a scene while everyone else applauded at his removal.
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    he might have a case for racism here....someone please call sharpton on this one :D
  6. Restaurant biz always has been cutthroat. Thanks for this little slice of Americana. This guy Ruby should make a killing w/all this publicity. I just hope he doesn't jack up the prices and bleed the patrons to death.

    OJ has 12 friends?
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    Did OJ ever find the real killer?:D
  8. Every mornin' when he shaves.
  9. "Did OJ ever find the real killer?"

    I think I spotted Jimmy Hoffa in Las Vegas using Google Earth.
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