OJ arrested.

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    What an idiot.
  2. From AFP:

    The arrests follow an incident at the Palace Station casino last Thursday, when a gang of gun-toting men that included Simpson is reported to have stormed into a hotel room and snatched sporting memorabilia from two dealers.

    The two dealers, Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong, have been quoted as saying that Simpson was the ringleader of the group.
  3. Murder, assault, robbery......

    He's getting better with time

    Soon to join the clergy and help the underprivileged.

  4. I'll bet his alibi is: Gun! Everybody knows that I never use a gun. I use a knife!
  5. its time he does some time, what a arrogant idiot, was just a matter of time for him to slip up, would not be suprised if he gets nailed finally.
  6. Ouch. You know, it is possible (that was the keyword) he didnt do it.
    As far as this goes.......was he wearing gloves?
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    Johnny Cochran is not around to clean up after OJ this time. OJ might get put in the Gay Biker section of the prison :cool: It still would not make up for all the media attention we had to endure from trial number one...
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    If he gets out on bail I wonder if he'll go on a search for the real robbers.

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