Oily Tarts planning protest against Fox News Leader...

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  1. Birther movement leader Orly Taitz is planning a protest in New York City this weekend against a television personality who refuses to air her insane conspiracy theories -- Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.

    The protest is set to take place on Veterans Day, November 11th outside FOX headquarters in Midtown.

    O'Reilly dismissed the birthers in July, saying he had investigated and settled the issue.

    "That theory has been around for a while. The Factor investigated, found out it's bogus. But Mr. Dobbs is still engaged...

    Again, we found out that President Obama was born in Hawaii.. we were sent the documents. And what are you gonna do? I don't know why it's still around..."

    The host later called the birthers "stupid."

    "Keep in mind, what O'Reilly did, is more dangerous, more harmful then what some idiots like Rachel Maddow or Keith Obertmann [sic] did, since people believe O'Reilly to be fair and balanced," Taitz wrote on her website.