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  1. J-S


    Hi - It seems that oil is making a move to the upside, and I'd like to go long.

    I'm wondering which market - My broker is quoting 29.29 for Brent crude, and yet bloomberg and future source are telling me 30.85. Am I looking at the right market? It seems quite a large difference in the pricing.

  2. The quote you are seeing on Bloomberg is for light sweet crude not Brent. Who do you trade through/
  3. J-S


    I'm using the UK spread betting firms. The quote they are giving is for Brent crude.

    I wonder whether you could outline the difference between brent & light? Is one market better to trade than the other?

  4. As the name implies, I'm primarily a bond trader but do watch crude so I can't tell you which market is better to trade. I believe the difference between Brent and light sweet is composition characteristics.
  5. wild


    Brent Crude is traded at both the IPE


    and the NYMEX


    Light Sweet Crude (& a few more energy contracts) are traded at the NYMEX as well ...


  6. J-S


    Hi does anyone have 14 day ATR for Brent crude?

    CSI is giving me 0.75 ATR & barchart.com is giving 0.37.

    seems a bit odd...
  7. Funster


    I used to use this for position trading commodities.

    Try to go for about 2-3 months out.

    The liquidity is better than in our IPE even though it is still a manual exchange. (new emini contracts excluded of course).

    Not sure about using the index firms though.

    I always got "buyers remorse" once I truly realised the spread I had just got conned with!